Tolstoy Comments: ideal comments for media. Yes!
Thanks to gamification and a smart notification system, Tolstoy Comments demonstrates better engagement rates than its competitors. At the same time, the quality of comments left in the system is noticeably higher than the web average. Let's figure out how this happened?
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The comments section for media is a separate additional, very important content format. It's great to have comments like on The New York Times or Reddit.

We aggregate the experience of successful publishers, top community sites, follow the latest research in cognitive science and social science, and build our product based on that.

« Tolstoy Comments main goal is to create value for the comments section.

Gamification, user ratings, personalized ratings, a user profile that stores a history of posts - all of these things help shape a commenter's reputation. In sum, this has a strong impact on the quality of comments.

The comments section can be a significant source of useful information on your site. Comments are not just the value judgments of nooneymen regarding editorial material. If the discussion is properly directed, you can achieve a lot from users. The theory of 6 handshakes will help in finding the right newsmaker. Readers' questions will give an opportunity to look at the story from a new angle and issue a follow-up. A few commenters with Photoshop will make better jokes than your cmm guy. What the community on the site will be like is up to you. And we'll provide the best tool on the market for commenting systems and help with "how to work with the community" consulting.

Optimal for media widget settings from Tolstoy Comments experience:

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Examples of the widget on media sites:

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Media about us: integrated Tolstoy Comments in June 2018. In just 5 months, the magazine managed to increase its viewing depth by one and a half times, and its core audience has grown more than twice.
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Tolstoy Comments is very different from the usual commenting systems like HyperComments, Disqus, Cakle. TC is not just a comment module on the website.
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The developers present Tolstoy Comments as a system for building a user community for a website. The process of communication is gamified with the help of a system of badges and ratings.
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The Tula-based Tolstoy Comments project aims to make the best external commenting service for a media. I like it because it goes against the trends: while Yandex is trying to rob small media of the last remains of their identity with money, Tolstoy Comments helps them keep their audience.
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Everyone's life has moved online. Online communities are flourishing. It is true that the only thing being discussed everywhere is self-isolation and pandemic, but it will not always be like this. Sergey Kovalenko from Tolstoy Comments tells us why now is the best time to create a community.
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The core audience increased sixfold. And the most important thing is that people have started to really live on this website. Now users publish an average of 90,000 messages a month.
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Many people install Disqus, HyperComments or Cackle. However, all of these are quite old, not ideal solutions. Today I will tell you about the new Tolstoy Comments module, the developers of which decided to bring back the former value of comments.
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A cool commenting service with a well-thought-out presentation: cool dialogues in examples, a cool idea with gamification and stylish badges. More suitable for blogs, media, webinar platforms and anything else where a large number of diverse commenters gather. A bet on community, in short.
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Whats the common bond between Pikabu,, Habr and Kinopoisk? 😏 These are all sites with incredible user communities. UGC plays a crucial role on these sites. Would you like to do the same? (It'll be weird if you don't). Today we're going to talk about a startup called Tolstoy Comments. It's a system for building communities around websites.
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and moderation via widget (without admin panel)
24/7 support
You will have a personal manager. We will help you with the integration.
in one click
Login via all popular social networks (VK, OK, Fb, Google, Telegram, Yandex and many more)
Search engine
You will be able to save all data via API
Specifically for webinar platforms
Integration with
popular CMS
Plugins for Wordpress, Joomla, Bitrix. Search engine indexing out of the box.
Recent comments, top comments, most discussed posts, user profile, reactions.
Flexible settings
Several design options. Flexible widget customisation.
All features of Tolstoy Comments
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No kidding, in 15 minutes we promise to convince you to part ways with Disqus, HyperComments and Cackle., the main regional portal of Siberia, joined the Tolstoy Comments system six months ago.
Tolstoy Comments is a convenient all-in-one chat platform for all devices. Looks great on mobile, supports all types of media.
Installing the TC widget on your website is as easy as placing analytics code.
TC is the main commenting platform that aims to turn your website into a social network. Let's understand how to squeeze the most out of the widget.
It is now possible to import comments in two clicks.
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