How to earn three times more on webinars together with Tolstoy Comments
If you've grown to the point of hosting webinars and marathons on your own site, and you've become cramped within the functionality of GetCourse and the like, then you're in the right place. Tolstoy Comments is a powerful tool for student engagement and retention.

The main metric for any educational project is retention (learner engagement). It is extremely important to count how much time a user spends on the course pages, how often he/she returns, and how he/she interacts with the learning material. Comments are one of the most important markers of course effectiveness.

With a sophisticated notification system (web-push, email, and title-page notifications), Tolstoy Comments will help bring users back. If you reply to a student in the comments or write a private message, there's an 85% chance they'll see it. This rate is about 3.5 times higher than the competition.

The unique Tolstoy Comments rating system will create competition among students. You know how important it is to compare yourself to your fellow students, right?

Tolstoy Comments over a hundred rewards (badges) for different types of activity. How does it work? Users write comments, rate other people's posts, earn pluses, and for this they get badges of different prestige in their profile. Notifications of new awards are added to the general notification feed, and also come to the e-mail specified during registration.

On the PRO plan you can customize badges to suit your needs. For example, how this did

Educational projects often use gamification to find volunteers or the same automation of the competition process.

For example, in the Siberian Wellness marathon from Siberian Health, presenters motivated students with prizes for collected badges in the chat room. For example, the student who earned the highest rating at the end of the course won a trip to Paris. There were a bunch of other small prizes for badges earned. This served as a good motivation to communicate around the lessons taken. In 2 months of the marathon, 1500 students wrote 200,000 comments. The retention rate was fantastic. The percentage of people completing the course is many times higher than usual.

Promise your students who earn the Tolstoy badge a free info course. You need to write 1000 comments to earn it. It costs you nothing, and the atmosphere at the marathon can change dramatically. Everyone wants to be excellent students, gold medalists. Tolstoy Comments, in turn, automates the whole routine of counting ratings and messages.

Don't forget to answer important student questions, support them, and ask for feedback. For example, the host of the HYLS marathon, Maxim Dorofeev, regularly interacts with students, and ends each of his posts with a call to connect.

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Media about us: integrated Tolstoy Comments in June 2018. In just 5 months, the magazine managed to increase its viewing depth by one and a half times, and its core audience has grown more than twice.
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The developers present Tolstoy Comments as a system for building a user community for a website. The process of communication is gamified with the help of a system of badges and ratings.
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The Tula-based Tolstoy Comments project aims to make the best external commenting service for a media. I like it because it goes against the trends: while Yandex is trying to rob small media of the last remains of their identity with money, Tolstoy Comments helps them keep their audience.
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No kidding, in 15 minutes we promise to convince you to part ways with Disqus, HyperComments and Cackle., the main regional portal of Siberia, joined the Tolstoy Comments system six months ago.
Tolstoy Comments is a convenient all-in-one chat platform for all devices. Looks great on mobile, supports all types of media.
Installing the TC widget on your website is as easy as placing analytics code.
TC is the main commenting platform that aims to turn your website into a social network. Let's understand how to squeeze the most out of the widget.
It is now possible to import comments in two clicks.
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